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What We Value

After 30 years of experience owners, Domenic and Tasha Callero have come to value five things:
1.  Children to be Children
2.  Biblical Christian Foundations
3.  Small Groups and One on One Teaching
4.  Kindergarten Readiness
5.  Teachers as Secondary Care Givers

A Place Where Children can be Children- We foster the creativity, curiosity and playful development that is the essence of children.  What you will find here is children learning through play and discovery.  Creativity is encouraged and learning is about the individual child.  We do not see preschool as just a mini version of what school will be.  We see preschool as the only chance for children to be children before they go off to school.  We see the early childhood years from 2-5 years old as a precious time where you have one chance to lay the foundation of learning, and for it to be meaningful and fun, not rigid and impersonal. 

Biblical Christian Foundations-  Part of our daily curriculum is to introduce Bible stories and faith in Jesus Christ on a toddler/preschool level.  Our hope is that they learn God is real, He loves us, and wants to have a relationship with us and that we can have a relationship with Jesus by believing in the saving work of the cross.  

Small Groups and One on One teaching-  We facilitate a small group of children so that each child gets one on one teaching tailored to his or her individual social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual needs. 

Kindergarten Readiness-  Because of our small group size, we can have an emphasis on play, yet still prepare them for Kindergarten.  Since we don’t have a classroom of 12-18 (sometimes 20 or more) Pre-K students, like other facilities,  but have 6-8 Pre-K students, we can do much richer Kindergarten Readiness activities and lessons in a short amount of time.  For example, the children get daily individual reading lessons, time for journal writing, and the ability to do math activities which can be done for all our Pre-K kids within 45 min.  (You can find about this curriculum in detail in your personal tour of the school.)

Teachers are Secondary Care Givers- You as the parent are the Primary caregiver of your child, and we see us, not just  as teachers, but as the Secondary caregivers in your child’s life.  Children are with us anywhere from five full days a week to 2 half days a week, and regardless of the amount of time, if you choose to have your child with us, we take that responsibility very seriously as the secondary influencers in your child’s life.  We have a family style atmosphere with a husband and wife team as the Primary teachers and we hire staff that we know will be a good influence in character, integrity, compassion, kindness and patience to your child, as we as owners also to strive to be.  

What We Are Not
We are not a commercial facility, steril and sanitized for the masses, but an intimate, warm “home away from home” environment with the same preschool education.
We are not a school with individual classrooms for each age, but have all ages 2-5 years together in a small group, which enables us to grow and teach each child where they are at.  Teaching geared for individualized attention vs. generalizations based on age.


Mr. Domenic and Mrs. Tasha
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