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Our boy Jake graduated this summer from Sandbox by the Sea, he was there for two  and 1/2 years, and he loved it!  Me and my wife loved the way the preschool was set up, lots of caring supervision with some solid structure in a loving and fun environment! The perfect Preschool for what we were looking for.

Jake is now 5 and has just started kinder garten and fell right into step with the program due to his learning at Sandbox by the Sea. The owners of the school, Tasha and Domenic make it happen and during Christmas time they even had Santa show up at their Christmas play and the kids whent nuts and will never forget that special day!

We strongly recommend Sandbox by the Sea for your lil ones!
-The Morrisons 9/5/2012


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 Superior and Spiritual

We still remember the first day we arrived at San Box by the Sea to meet Mr. Dominick and Ms. Tasha as the children affectionately refer to them.

The Pre-School is open, informative, educational, clean and down to earth.

Our daughter has been attending SBBTS for 1 1/2 years now and prior to attending had very little social interaction with other adults, outside of family, not to mention other children.

Almost immediately, we experienced the awakening of a well developed and socially engaging personality in our daughter. The Preschool is loaded with engaging and educational lessons that fit the development of children ranging in all ages. The school is racially and socially mixed and teaches a base canon of Chistianity.  

The private web-site updates and pictures are always a welcome surprise in our email inboxs and the school functions and holiday plays/skits are life keeping memories.

I think the best way to describe SBBTS is in the words of our own 3 1/2 year old when we remind her she has school the next day..."oh that's great!"

To see your child hug her first self-appointed best-friend, see the children follow directions at the ringing of little bells and to come home with a wealth of new knowledge is truly a blessing.

We highly recommed SBBTS!

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Evans  10/14/2011

 Both of my daughters went to Sandbox by the Sea preschool.  My oldest then went to kindergarten knowing how to read, write and her numbers up to 20.  She was comfortable with the schedule and ready for the experience of being a big girl in kindergarten.  My youngest also went to school there.  Tasha was a second mom to my girls especially my youngest.  She is there for them when I can't be since I am a full time teacher.  She took care of the boo boos and gave them snuggles when they missed me.  

  If i was missing the girls she sent me pictures to help me get through the day.  The school focuses on learning through play so they don't even know they are learning half of the time.

 Tasha has a Montessori background and it is very evident in the centers, and during circle time how experienced of a teacher she is.  They know the routine of kindergarten and the material before they even get to kindergarten and during the summer they keep learning fun through themed days which encourage the children to try new things.  My youngest just started kindergarten this year and is top of her class.  She is writing, reading and can recognize her numbers up to 30.

-Colleen and Rich Miller 10/16/2015

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